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Meet the whisperers


Amanda- Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. She received her training from the National Institute of Massotherapy in NE Ohio. She began her career working at a day spa and a Wellness Center but the majority of her massage career has been working in a chiropractor's office here in Central Ohio.

Amanda is certified in Deep Tissue/Trigger Point therapy and lymphatic drainage massage and likes to incorporate Swedish massage and relaxation techniques into her work as well. Amanda feels that by combining various modalities, it develops a tailored treatment specifically for the individual.

Kayla- Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner

Kayla graduated from American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM) in 2009.

When asked why she started massaging, Kayla replied,  “What inspired me was a couple things actually. At first I would rub my mom’s neck every night growing up because she always hurt, and it would be our bonding time. One day my mother said ‘You should do this as a career’. I didn’t think much of it. A few months later,  I went to a reflexologist and was blown away by what ailments she could name that I was previously diagnosed with, just by touching my feet. I actually asked her if she had my chart! She explained reflexology to me, and then she suggested learning massage therapy.  I decided then and there that I was going to massage school, because I wanted to help people without a prescription pad. I wanted to help people naturally as much as possible. Because I had been through so much with doctors and medication so much previously,  I learned the natural way to heal your body, and that’s through massage and reflexology, as well as essential oils. We have so much power to make our bodies better. And that’s pretty cool.”

Kayla brings with her ten years experience working at chiropractor’s offices, fitness facilities, and private massage practices. Working for others, Kayla learned that she doesn’t want her massages to ever be the same, and wants her massages to meet the individual’s needs. She states, “ I want everybody I work with to know that I want to bring them my best and know that I care. Everybody is different and needs different treatment. In school, I was taught to treat each person like they are my best friend for that hour. My clients truly do become my friends in those hours.”

Because Kayla felt like she was restricted to massaging a certain way when working for others, and no longer wanted to do generic massages, Kayla decided to start The Muscle Whisperer, LLC. In our studio, we focus our massages on meeting the individual’s needs and designing our clients massages based on that philosophy.

Kayla is certified in pediatric massage, specializes in deep tissue, and loves to focus on trigger points during her sessions. Kayla spent a year teaching massage in 2014, and plans on mentoring in the future.



Jackie- Our Reiki Master

"I am blessed to have found Reiki. This spiritual healing modality has brought peace, balance, and joy into my life, and I choose to share these wonderful gifts with many.  I began my Reiki journey in 2010 and became a Reiki Master in 2014.
I believe Reiki is the key to finding peace and combined with our intention and feeling of completion heals on many levels. My approach to Reiki is that I am simply a channel for this Divine Energy to come through and touch the life of the recipient, bringing whatever he or she needs for their highest and greatest good.  Many have experienced feelings of serene harmony, and others have physical pains subside.  Each person has their own unique experience." -JACKIE