The Muscle Whisperer, LLC

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 Reike Master Jackie with Owner and LMT Kayla

Our promise

The Muscle Whisperer, LLC was founded on the concept that every massage should be designed for the individual client. We do not believe in a generic massage. One massage does not fit all!

Our whisperers always consult with our clients to decide which type of massage would work best, and what areas need special attention. If you are unsure, your therapist will figure it out once your session starts. After all, what good is a Muscle Whisperer if he/she can't tell what muscles need attention just through touch?

Our promise at Suite 105 is that we will deliver our best, custom massage designed uniquely for you. No matter which therapist you see, your massage history will follow you. Come see The Muscle Whisperer, LLC and discover a better massage experience.