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Monthly Membership Terms and Conditions



By enrolling in a monthly wellness membership with The Muscle Whisperer, the client agrees to monthly automatic payments by credit or debit card. The client always agrees to keep an updated card on file with The Muscle Whisperer. The client agrees to all charges for scheduled appointments and applicable cancellations. With verbal permission, The Muscle Whisperer may charge the client’s account for add-on services, tips at request, retail items, cancellation fees, and scheduled appointments without signature.

Membership credits may be redeemed after the monthly payment is drafted. The payment date may be chosen by the member at the time of sign up. At no point may a member use credit for sessions in advance of payment.

Massages purchased through the no-contract memberships have a thirty-day expiration date and must be used in the 30-day window after purchase. Any membership credit not used in this time will be forfeited. All services purchased by automatic payment expire after the next payment is drafted.

The membership price-per-massage will be honored for any additional services covered under the membership that are purchased outside the membership in addition to regular monthly massages and may be used by the member only. Massages bought through the membership pricing are non-transferable and cannot be sold.

We will try to schedule you with the therapist of your choice, and the schedule will always assign a therapist. However, we reserve the right to reassign your therapist based on scheduling needs. In this case, we will make every effort to notify you and make necessary adjustments. If we do need to change your therapist for scheduled appointments, our cancellation policy still applies. We have designed a studio that houses experienced, positively energized therapists that meet Kayla’s rigorous standards. Rest assured that your muscles, mind and spirit will get the care needed when you walk through our doors- no matter who you see. Our therapists vigorously record your history and progress, that way any therapist may pick up where your last session left off.

When a no-contract membership is cancelled, the client will provide at least 30 days notice (in writing- form available at front desk) and may expect 1 (one) additional charge before termination. After the No-contract monthly membership is cancelled, the client forfeits their membership rights and may not have access to the same membership terms going forward. The client may sign up for any current membership offers at any time.

The client understands the cancellation policy and acts in accordance with the terms. Members may cancel up to 24 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment time without penalty. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee of $35 plus applicable tax. This fee will be charged to the card on file. Any no call/no shows will forfeit any credit on the account that can be applied to that appointment. Any scheduled appointments that do not have a membership credit to apply will be charged the full appointment price plus any applicable taxes in the case of a no call/no show. Enforcement of the cancellation policy is at the discretion of The Muscle Whisperer management and staff and may be enforced at any time.

As a membership holder, one (1) appointment cancellation fees may be waived in 12 month period at discretion of The Muscle Whisperer management.

While The Muscle Whisperer is an all-inclusive company, The Muscle Whisperer Management and staff have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and for any reason, without reason.

If the member fails to meet the terms of the membership, the membership may be cancelled by The Muscle Whisperer management at any time and without notice or reason.

Membership is not in place until signature is acquired, State issued ID is provided, and The Muscle Whisperer staff has acknowledged and confirmed membership prior to first scheduled appointment.

Clients may spend time, as available, in our relaxation room after their session at no extra cost. The relaxation room may be used to meditate, nap, read, work a puzzle, craft, scrapbook, or do yoga. We urge everyone who enters the relaxation room to turn their phone off and disconnect with the outside world to connect fully with your mind, body and spirit. This room may be used for the above purposes only and we reserve the right to refuse use to any individual at any time.

At your first appointment, an experienced Whisperer will give a suggestion for a wellness plan based on muscle tightness, your pain complaints, and their own intuition. Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first-time consult.

After your consult session, your therapist will explain their notes and make a suggestion for a path to wellness. This includes how many times per month they believe your body needs massage therapy to establish an effective wellness plan. The therapist will suggest a re-consult date where the therapist makes an assessment of the client’s progress and makes a new suggestion for going forward at that appointment. The senior whisperer will also make suggestions to the client for which therapist they believe would be the best fit.

Each session expires upon the next automatic payment withdrawal. Any sessions not used in this time will be forfeited without exception.

A member may freeze their membership once per year for up to 2 billing periods. The Muscle Whisperer must be informed of the request to freeze the account and will then offer the client the appropriate paperwork to do so. Without the designated form signed by the client, the membership cannot be frozen. We ask for a 30-day notice for request to freeze but understand that emergencies arise and we will do our best to help accommodate all freeze requests within reason.

All requests to cancel membership will be processed within 30 days of notification. After submitting a 30-day notice to terminate membership, the member may be charged for one more billing cycle.

There is no contract for this membership. However, any individual that cancels their membership before four consecutive billing cycles have been completed will be charged the difference for the price of their membership massages versus the regular pricing. This helps us ensure individuals do not use the membership for solely price point, but also for wellness. The difference will be charged to the client’s card on file in this case. Any charges not paid will be sent to collections.

If you choose to join our monthly membership, we will have you schedule a year out on our calendar. This guarantees you a spot on our schedule and appointments can always be changed down the road. Our clients are all very cool and fairly flexible.

Pricing is subject to change at any time. If your membership status is “grandfathered”, we will keep your pricing the same for life.

Appointments must be scheduled one year in advance within 30 days of signing up for membership, beginning June 17, 2019. Any member who fails to schedule their sessions ahead of time will immediately be removed from membership status and charged the difference of the savings from their charged sessions.

Each member will receive two 15-minute add-on certificates per year. The certificate gets you your choice of head/face, foot, or hand massage. This offer may be added to a 60-min massage and can be used by you or given to a friend. *Add-on certificates expire on June 16 of each year.

We have a special referral program designed only for members. Refer a new client to The Muscle Whisperer and you receive a free 15-minute add on, as described above. Your referral gets their first massage at YOUR membership price. You may gift your special pricing to a new client at any time, with no limits on how many friends may use your pricing. You will receive five referral certificates per year but may request more at any time. *Add-on certificates expire on June 16 of each year.

Thank you for joining our wellness membership. Welcome to our tribe! We look forward to helping you stay on track to wellness.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I accept the terms and conditions stated.