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Lock in to our $65, once monthly membership and be bumped up to GRANDFATHERED FOR LIFE status!

Contact us at 614-373-4092 to sign up. No contract.

Don’t miss out, this pricing is gone forever September 30th!


Our original no-contract monthly membership now comes with a lot more options! Choose your membership and your draft date. We will deduct the monthly totaled amount plus taxes from your debit or credit card on the monthly date of your choosing. Our new memberships also come with tons of perks!

Included with membership:

  • Two 15-minute add-on certificates per year: your choice of head/face, foot, or hand massage - or energy work!- added to the end of any session. Add-on must be booked with appointment and certificate must be present to claim

  • Unlimited referrals: Refer friends to The Muscle Whisperer and receive a free 15-minute add-on for yourself, and give your referral your membership pricing for their first session!

  • Access to our schedule one-year out. Not only is this a perk, but it is a requirement.

All perks are given to the member at time of joining, and renew again June 17th of every year.

Remember: Any additional services purchased in your membership throughout the month (by the member and for the member) will be honored at the monthly membership price! To purchase a membership, click here.

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Why join our monthly membership?

The answer is simple: To take care of yourself AND your massage therapist.

When you see your LMT only when you’re in pain, it causes a lot of stress on the therapist’s body. It’s like starting from square one each time. Your muscles need to be brought to wellness-and then stay well! In addition, if you are not getting massages monthly (or more, as needed), your muscles remain tight and could cause injury, blood flow is not ideal, and your nerves may get mad. When you enroll in our monthly membership, you are making a positive change toward total wellness.

 We applaud our members for taking care of their bodies. Because our therapists physically suffer when you don’t get monthly massages, we are happy to offer discounted pricing for you to take care of yourself. By offering this special pricing, we are helping both our members and our healers. Schedule an evaluation today!

Membership Quick Facts

  • No Contract- Just give us 30-day notice to cancel (we have a form)

  • Pick your monthly automatic withdrawal date

  • Your special pricing (per session) applies to any additional sessions purchased throughout the month

  • Guarantee your spot on our schedule by scheduling 1 year out (this is a requirement-we can reschedule as needed)

  • Special pricing applied only to services purchased for the member- membership credits cannot be transferred or sold. All purchases are final.

  • All sessions expire when the next month’s membership charges are withdrawn

  • Freeze your membership up to 2 months of a rolling 12-month calendar (we have a form)

  • Membership level can be changed at any time

For full terms and conditions, click here.

To schedule an evaluation, click here.